T-Soles is delighted to announce that it received a loan from the innovation funds Rabobank!

T-Soles is the first company converting 3D-WBCT-images into customized 3D-printed insoles, which proprietary technology has been granted with patents in the USA, Middle East, Asia and in 17 countries in Europe. The scans are made with feet in footwear, such as dress shoes, sneakers, ski-boots, or even ice skates. This is expected to solve many foot problems. In support of T-Soles’ system development, T-Soles is proud to announce that the Rabobank has granted T-Soles a subordinated innovation loan.

The goal of the Innovation Fund Rabobank (IFR) is stimulating the innovative and sustainable environment in the Netherlands. The loan will be used to further develop T-Soles’ software and insole design and to further protect T-Soles’ intellectual property. In this way, T-Soles contributes to an highly innovative and improved medical feet care.

The Rabobank investment underpins T-Soles’ work and supports T-Soles in realizing its mission!