The T-Soles insole system offers many advantages over traditional methods of insole design and production:

Why we do it

With the T-Soles system, a personalized therapeutic insole is printed with a perfect fit to the client’s shoe.

Being insole users ourselves, we experienced years of discomfort because of mal fitting or ineffective shoe insoles to serve our foot problems. The insole market is enormous, but traditional and non-innovative, designing insoles by looking at the external foot anatomy only. Therefore, it is time to innovate!

Our goal is to launch the T-Soles solution in the Dutch market, with over 4 million people (24% of the population) having foot problems and being feasible to receive insoles. With a number of 1.500 podiatrists in the Netherlands, 13.000 in the Benelux and the rest of Europe, and 20.000 in North America and Asia, our growth opportunities are borderless.



T-Soles also offers their T-Scan Services to the patients of orthopedic surgeons, which allows orthopedic surgeons to make 3D CT-scans of their patients’ feet and ankles and provide better treatment to their patients.  Contact us if you are interested in our T-Scan Services.


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Want to know more about us and the development of T-Soles?

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