The T-Soles insole system offers many advantages over traditional methods of insole design and production:

From craft to science

Today’s therapeutic insoles are designed based on the podiatrists’ experience and craftsmanship. Podiatrists use casting molds or external 2D-scans to model the outside of the feet.

The 3D scanner of T-Soles offers the podiatrist the possibility to look inside the feet. The 3D-scan data, consisting of the foot bones, soft tissue and also shoe dimensions gives them more detailed information about the foot problem. The insole is automatically designed with anatomical corrections for the foot bones. The result: a more scientific-based insole design, perfectly fitting the foot and the shoe.


Why we do it

With the T-Soles system, a personalized therapeutic insole is printed with a perfect fit to the client’s shoe.

Being insole users ourselves, we experienced years of discomfort because of mal fitting or ineffective shoe insoles to serve our foot problems. The insole market is enormous, but traditional, non-innovative designing of insoles look at the external foot anatomy only. Therefore, it is time to innovate!

Our goal is to offer the T-Soles solution as a system with a scanner, software and 3D-printers. The market for insoles reaches at least 20 % of the population, who have foot problems and would benefit from wearing insoles in their shoes. With a number of 1.500 podiatrists in the Netherlands,13.000 in the rest of Europe, and 20.000 in North America and Asia, our growth opportunities are borderless.



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