The T-Soles Story

T-Soles’ ambition is to create an easy and affordable solution to solve foot problems. We do this by making people’s shoes fit their feet perfectly, regardless of their foot problem, and without any change to the shoes or surgical foot procedures. This way, podiatrists will make their patients’ lives more comfortable than ever before.

Our Motivation

Being insole users ourselves, we experienced years of discomfort because of mal fitting or ineffective shoe insoles to serve our foot problems. The insole market is traditional and non-innovative, designing insoles by looking at the external foot anatomy only. Therefore, we came up with a solution.


“The mission of T‐Soles is the development and commercialization of an integrated combination of devices (equipment hardware and software) to 3D-scan human feet inside shoes or other feet coverings in order to 3D-print insoles, which are personalized and specific for shoes or other feet coverings.”

How do we bring this mission into reality? 

We have the patent
We are developing the software
With a wide international network of experts
With market and technical knowledge
By building on our entrepreneurial experience

The T-Soles Team

We are academically educated in technical and medical fields. With decades of experience in entrepreneurship and business development in the medical sector, we gained an international network of medical professionals and medical devices specialists. And as we work with branch organizations in multiple countries, we receive feedback and raise interest in T‐Soles on an international level.

Caroline van Heijkamp


MSc in bio engineering with 14+ years international commercial and managerial experience in the foot and ankle segment of the medical devices industry.

Léon van Heijkamp

Senior Technology Advisor

PhD in physics and MSc in chemical engineering with 15+ years academic and healthcare insurance experience as a scientific programmer.

George Hersbach


MSc degree (with distinction) in Chemical Technology, Bioprocess Technology and a European Engineering degree from FEANI. He is an entrepreneur and corporate manager with 40+ years of professional experience in private and publicly traded companies (incl. IPO) in European countries and the USA.

Bas Gilissen

IT Support Manager

BSc in bio-medical research, 10+ years’ experience as research assistant at R&D departments and expertise with IT infrastructure.

Stefan Janssen

IT Manager

BSc in Psychology and experience in development of user interfaces and software testing.

Micha Held

Design Engineer

MSc in Industrial Design, specialized in strength and stiffness for products.

Henri Odero

Software Development Director

 BSc in Computer Science with 17+ years’ experience in software development, IT consultancy and an additional expertise in digital marketing.

Lasse van ‘t Hof

Social Media Associate

Medical Student with a fondness for social media.

Theo Muis

Radiology Diagnostic Technician

Radiology technician with a background in sales for medical imaging devices.


T-Soles also offers their T-Scan Services to the patients of orthopedic surgeons, which allows orthopedic surgeons to make 3D CT-scans of their patients’ feet and ankles and provide better treatment to their patients. Contact us if you are interested in our T-Scan Services.

Contact us if you are interested in T-Soles investment opportunities and our system.