A new milestone: the permit has been granted!

While the usage of weightbearing CT-scans is already common in many countries (for instance Germany, Belgium, the UK and the VS), T-Soles is the first to make this innovative technology available in the Netherlands. As we introduce a new device, which, even though it emits the same amount of ultra-low dose radiation, equal to eating 5 bananas or flying from Amsterdam to another European capital, we were bound to a very strict permission procedure of the Netherlands government and we had to file for a hard to obtain permit.

We are excited to announce that this permit has been granted. We received the official green light for installation and commissioning of the scanner! On behalf of our subsidiary company T-Scans, we will make the scanner available to Netherlands orthopedic specialists. By using the weightbearing 3D CT-scanner, the specialist can evaluate the feet bones and joints of their patients in a functional standing position. This standing and weightbearing position makes foot deformities and joint space narrowing more apparent. Therefore, it supports orthopedic specialists in their diagnosis and treatment planning and aids to design better presurgical plans.

We can now start to contribute to a more innovative and improved specialist medical care in the Netherlands. By scanning offsite and with scanning times of less than 2 minutes, we have everything set in place to accustom to the new normal imposed by COVID-19 regulations. And moreover, shortly we will have a valuable dataset with all different types of feet deviations. This dataset will allow us to further develop and test our software to work towards the first commercialization of perfectly fitting insoles!

In the next few days we will furnish and equip our location on the Haasweg 1 in Almere so that per mid-May we can receive the first patients.