T-Soles receives Covid19 Loan

T-Soles, located in Almere, received a Covid19 Loan (COL) of €247.000. The company develops a system that automatically calculates and 3D-print an insole design. The unique element about these insoles is that they are designed based on a 3D-scan of the foot in the shoe.

“We are very content with the credit. This enables us to finalize our development. Because of the corona situation, investors are more cautious. We hope to start testing the system end of 2020 so that we can print the first insoles.”, thus Caroline van Heijkamp of T-Soles.

Van Heijkamp emphasizes that the scanner can also be used for diagnostic purposes for people with all kinds of feet deviations. The scanner gives the most optimal and detailed information about the foot in a weight-bearing position. Pleasant side effect: The scan is Covid19-proof. The system enables diagnostic investigation by the specialist while maintaining the 1.5-meter restraint.


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