T-Soles in the 1.5-meter society

T-Soles keeps the podiatrist at 1.5-meter distance

Since podiatrist belong to the occupations, in which personal and physical contact is inevitable, Covid-19 has and will have its impact on the insole market. In today’s 1.5 meter society, podiatrists might be able to keep social distance during intakes or regular check-ups. However, in the current process of designing insoles, physical contact is hard to eliminate completely. Feet must be investigated extensively as the insole designs are made based on the podiatrist interpretations when touching the feet, after which the insole designs are molded or manually designed.

The T-Soles system enables podiatrist to design insoles for their patients, while maintaining the 1.5 meter restraint. The pedCAT 3D weight bearing CT-scanner eliminates the need for physical investigation and physical contact, as this is replaced by scanning the feet and using the T-Soles algorithm to quickly determine the dimensions and positions of the feet bones. Even direct skin contact is avoided as the scan is made while the patient is wearing his or her shoes inside the CT-scanner. The podiatrist and patient do not even have to be in the same room for the scan to be made and the insole to be produced by 3D-printing. In addition, the current insole design process is a very subjective and labor-intensive process that can take up to weeks. In contrast, T-Soles systems produce insoles based on consistent and accurate measurements. The insoles are 3D-printed while the patient waits. Therefore, there is no need for follow-up appointments.

Scan, receive and go!