How it works

The innovative and patented T-Soles system offers many advantages over traditional methods of insole design and production.

From a 3D-CT-scan of weight bearing feet inside footwear of choice, insoles are 3D printed, taking into account the internal and external feet anatomy. This automatic process increases productivity as well as product and service quality for podiatrists. And more important, for clients this means therapeutic insoles for actual foot problems and a great increase in comfort.

The T-Soles insole system offers many advantages over traditional methods of insole design and production:

For Podiatrists

Productivity Increase

- Lower production costs
- Faster production
- Automated & efficient process

Quality improvement

- Multiple materials and structures per design
- Exact calculation of design
- Reproducible

For Customers

Therapeutic insoles

- Correct bone positions
- Perfectly tailored
- Multiple materials and structures

Ease of use & Comfort

- From high heels to ski boots
- Ready while you wait
- Cheaper than current insoles

The T-Soles method

One appointment

3D - Scan

  • 3D CT-scan* of feet inside footwear-of-choice
  • Carrying full bodyweight
  • Select internal materials of interest for imaging (bones, muscles, skin, air and shoe)

Automatic Design

  • Algorithms calculate insole design
  • Anatomical corrections to foot bone positions
  • Podiatrist can do manual adjustments

3D - Print

  • Insoles are 3D-printed accurately and consistently
  • Perfect fit for footwear-of-choice
  • Ready while client waits

Yes, a CT-scan is mostly used in hospitals. However, this CT-scanner is the most innovative foot scanner that currently exists and it exposes an ultra-low dose of radiation. The effective radiation dose is comparable to a few hours of equivalent background radiation. To put it in perspective, the effective radiation dose is at most about 6 microsieverts, and the average person in the U.S receives an effective radiation dose of about 3000 microsieverts per year from naturally occurring radioactive materials and cosmic radiation from outer space.

Simplified this means that the radiation dose of one scan is comparable to eating 5 bananas or flying from Amsterdam to another European capital. In return, we can make insole designs based on the world’s most detailed and accurate information of the foot and therefore offer the most scientific and best-fitting insole for all feet in every shoe type.

The traditional method

Several weeks

Blueprint or 2D - Scan

–   Only the outside of feet is modelled

–   Neglecting any shoe model

–   Little biomechanical and anatomical foot insight

Manual Design or casting mold

–   Design based on podiatrist’s subjective estimations

–   Not based on insights on foot bone positions

–   Risk of imperfect insole design

Production by craftsman

–   Time and labor consuming process

–   Client waits several weeks

–   Insoles fit limited shoe types

–   Risk of ill fitting insole

Read more about the T-Soles System

Read more about the T-Soles System and how it fixes all the shortcomings of the traditional methods of insole design and production. Download the free pdf which describes the T-Soles system in more detail!

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